Six Natural Ways to Improve your Colon Health

  1. Drink more liquids. The bowel can't work properly without a minimum of two quarts, or sixty-four ounces of liquid, in a day. The fastest way to get your bowel to stop working is to dehydrate.

  2. Eat more fiber. Fiber makes your bowel work. Animal foods are sludge. Refined flour products are sludge. Eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, and sprouts. The least refined the food, the more powerful it is.

  3. Try natural laxative foods like fruit. Fruits are great, including apples, dates, figs, bananas. You can try just about any food that contains liquid.

  4. Move your body. Walking is a great way improve colon function because it can stimulate healthy bowel movements. Make walking a regular part of your daily routine.

  5. Get adjusted. Nerves coming from the spine in the lower back control peristalsis (muscular movement of the colon wall) and can be impinged, resulting in constipation. Frequent and specific spinal adjustments are all that is needed to improve colon motility.

  6. Try Natural Calm. Natural Calm is a natural stool softener that helps get the bowel moving. It balances your calcium intake and restores healthy magnesium levels. The original formula is now available in flavors and in convenient travel packets. Specialty formulas are available for mothers, babies and kids.


I suffered from lower-back and hip pain for at least two years. The pain had become so intense that I was unable to do the things I enjoyed as well as common, everyday chores. I was taking six to eight ibuprofen a day to be relieved from the pain. I was referred by my medical doctor to two therapists for a total of 36 weeks of therapy. After ultrasound, heat treatments, ice therapy, exercises, and manipulation therapy, I still had to take the ibuprofen after exercising. Additionally, I was unable to work in my garden for any length of time without having to lie down afterwards. I could not walk or hike any longer, and I was not able to snowshoe for several years. Then my friend told me how Dr. Coberly had helped her, so I scheduled an exam. Though I was impressed Dr. Guy and the results that he showed me, I waited another month before trying it. By this time, I was having difficulty walking up and down the stairs in my own home. After only three weeks, I have quit taking the ibuprofen almost totally and now take it once a week only if I have done a lot of work. I have resumed a 45-minute walk two to three times a week. Not only can I vacuum most of my house without pain, but I have taken a part-time job besides! So I have improved greatly thanks to Dr. Coberly. Read more.

Linda B.