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Benefits of Massage

Why is it our first instinct to rub a part of our body when it hurts? It’s because we instinctively know what to do to relieve pain and start healing. Massage was one of the earliest remedial practices for relief of pain and for the restoration of health.

Why do we often stroke or pat loved ones when they are tired, distressed or need affection? It’s because it comforts and calms the spirit.

Why do babies fail to thrive when denied comfort and touch? It’s because human beings need physical contact with one another to survive.

Massage is one of the most elemental means of providing physical and mental relief from pain and stress. It also provides a source human touch for our health and well-being.

What does it do?
Think of your body as a garden. Before a healthy garden can be productive, we must remove debris and change the lay of the land. Once our garden is flourishing, we need to weed, water, and feed to maintain the best yield.

Massage removes toxins, reduces adhesions, eliminates spasms and atrophy, thus changing the “landscaping” of the body. Once the tissue is healthy, massage prevents injuries, maintains good circulation supplying oxygen and nutrition, increases elasticity and strength, and optimizes balance between
all systems in the body.

Plus, it feels good!