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Meet our Massage Therapist

Nikita Kindred, Licensed Massage Therapist

Nikita is certified by the US Career Institute/Massage course since November 2010 and nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork since 2011. Ms. Kindred has completed all requirements to be licensed with the State of Colorado as a Licensed Certified Massage Therapist.

Operating a very successful private practice since 2011, her focus has been on Swedish massage, deep tissue, and reflexology. Additionally, she practices pre-natal and chair massage.

In addition to bodywork, she also likes to give each client suggestions on passive stretching, muscle training, and healthy living habits that may help them to achieve long-term results in being strong, healthy and pain-free. Ms. Kindred believes in giving a truly therapeutic massage, with just enough spa-like pampering to make the experience both beneficial and relaxing.

Nikita’s philosophy in massage therapy is to study the daily occupations and habits of her clients and to address the issues and needs created by each individual’s lifestyle. She thinks it is imperative that the therapist and client have open and honest communication in order to make a real difference. She prides herself on being a good listener and applying her skills to help each individual achieve his/her goals in being pain free. Massage is also a wonderful tool for stress management and overall good health.

Nikita is pleased to have joined the Coberly Chiropractic team in 2013. It has been exciting to work in a new venue with Dr. Coberly and his staff, providing quality bodywork and health care. While she still maintains her private practice, she is happy to be able to provide massage therapy to Dr. Coberly’s clients several days per week.