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Clients are often surprised that Nikita takes the time to visit with them for a while before beginning their therapy session. It is important to her that she gets to know you and evaluates your needs prior to your massage.

Nikita considers your lifestyle, general health, and any injuries; then she discusses what you want to achieve through massage therapy. She encourages you to be open and to communicate with her about anything regarding your massage.

Ms. Kindred thinks it is really important to understand the function and temperament of the muscles of the body. Evaluating how you use your body helps her to solve the puzzle of what might be causing you pain and how to mitigate the problem.

What kind of massage will you get? Nikita uses a Deep Tissue Swedish Massage technique, which is thorough in working large areas of the body. She also incorporates heat and several other effective modalities as needed. Since all parts of the body work in concert together as we work and live, Nikita tries to avoid “spot massages.” It is important to feel like you’ve had a “whole” massage if possible and not just one “trouble spot” worked on.

Does deep tissue massage hurt? It is Nikita’s goal that you leave your massage feeling good and not beat up. It is important for you and Nikita to communicate about your comfort and to work within your tolerance. She can change pressure or technique to make your massage the most pleasurable (yet effective) experience possible.