Dr. Coberly Named Best of Loveland’s Chiropractors

Coberly Chiropractic is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Loveland Reporter Herald’s Readers Choice Award for 2022 AND second in the massage category. Additionally, we are also celebrating our 23rd year in business serving the Northern Colorado community. “We are very excited to

How Chiropractic Can Help Spondylolisthesis

If you are suffering from lower back pain, you are certainly not alone. There are lots of people who suffer from low back pain, and one of the most common causes is spondylolisthesis. Even though you may think that you need to undergo spinal surgery

How Chiropractic Helps Overcome Degenerative Disc Disease

One of the most common reasons why people seek the help of a healthcare professional has to do with back pain. At the same time, there are many reasons why someone might have back pain. One of the most common causes of back pain is

How Chiropractic Helps Overcome Iliotibial Band Syndrome

If you are someone who runs on a regular basis, you understand that you are going to develop aches and pains from time to time. On the other hand, you probably understand the difference between general soreness and a serious injury. One of the most

How the Arches in Your Feet Help Stabilize Your Spine

Are you worried that you may have flat feet? Are you concerned about the discomfort you are feeling in your arches? If so, you need to learn more about the arches in your feet. You might have questions about what arches are supposed to do.