Chiropractic Treatment for Dizziness

Chiropractic Treatment for Dizziness

A recent case study suggests that chiropractic adjustments may alleviate chronic dizziness associated with neck pain.1

A 29 year old man had been suffering from cervicogenic dizziness for 10 years. His dizziness developed in his 20s after a lifetime of neck and back pain as a result of an auto accident he’d been in as child. The man had tried a slew of both medical and alternative treatments but nothing seemed to work. That’s when he began receiving chiropractic adjustments as part of a case study on chiropractic treatment for dizziness. The man immediately felt less dizzy after just one adjustment, and continued to improve from there.

After just 2 months of treatment, the young man had substantially less dizziness and pain, better neck range of motion, and an improved quality of life. Since there were no serious side effects, researchers concluded that chiropractic adjustments were a safe, effective treatment for this patient’s pain.

Although this was just a case study, it verifies research from another study in which chiropractic care combined with other approaches reduced dizziness in 80% of patients.2 To learn more about how chiropractic can relieve dizziness, contact our office today.


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By: Michael Melton on August 28, 2014

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