What Chiropractic Patients Want to Know About Low Carbohydrate Living

What Chiropractic Patients Want to Know About Low Carbohydrate Living

If you have never heard of a low carb diet, you are highly unusual. Diets that lower the amount of carbohydrates that you eat are common and plenty of people have had success on them. Part of your chiropractor’s job is to help you achieve a healthy weight so that you can avoid unnecessary degradation to your spine and other joints – and there is a good chance your chiropractor can advise you on how to try out low carbohydrate living for your health.

What is a Low Carbohydrate Diet?

Carbohydrates are found in foods like grains, fruit and starchy vegetables. Instead of eating these carb-heavy foods, on a low carb diet you eat more proteins like meat, fish, poultry, eggs and vegetables that are less starchy, such as greens. Perhaps the most notable thing about a low carb diet – besides the lack of eating grains and fruit – is that you attempt to increase your consumption of fat.

The main fuel for your body is normally carbohydrates. With a low carb diet, you remove this main fuel source and substitute it with fat with the goal of changing the way your body burns calories. If you can achieve the right balance, your body will start to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Why Eat Low Carb?

Different people have different goals when eating a low carb diet. Some of the most common are:

  • Lose weight. If you eat few enough carbs and enough fat, you can switch your body to burning fat for fuel. This switch in fuel sources can accelerate fat loss. As long as you can keep your body burning fat for fuel, the pounds will shed faster than they would otherwise. The extra protein and fat can also result in you feeling full longer after you eat, which can reduce your calorie consumption throughout the day.
  • Improve health conditions like diabetes. When you have diabetes, it means your body struggles with blood sugar levels. The benefit of a low carb diet for diabetes is that it reduces the foods that tend to spike your blood sugar like starchy foods, refined grains and sugar. The less of these foods you eat, the easier it may be to control your blood sugar levels.
  • You enjoy low carb foods. The best diet is one that helps you reach your goals while being relatively enjoyable so that you can maintain your progress. If you love meat, fish, poultry and eggs, you will find it easier to eat the foods you are supposed to eat on a low carb diet. Weight loss and other benefits of the diet only last if you maintain your diet – so if you love low carb foods this could be the perfect diet for you.

How to Try a Low Carb Diet

Anytime you are going to try out a new diet, it is always recommended that you discuss it with your healthcare provider first. Your chiropractor is there to serve as your guide in your transition and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. If you want to try out a low carbohydrate lifestyle, your chiropractor is the perfect person to talk to about it. They can check your current state of health and advise you on how to transition to your new diet in a way that is most likely to ensure your success.

Your chiropractor may be able to help you with education on low carb living, meal plans and ongoing support. So be sure to reach out if you haven’t already.

If you would like more information on low carb living, please contact your chiropractor today!